MIRAISENS announces their new two-hand sensory feedback game controller, “M-ORB” at GDC 2016 GDC2015 : Miraisens Announced 4D Driving Bar Miraisens Announced 3DHaptics Navigator
Introduced in NHK (Mito) News Wide Ibaraki Program.

The future of sensory experience is here

Miraisens, Inc. applies its own original gesture feedback technology to supply you with an innovative user interface that responds to touch!

The world's first.

Until now you’ve only seen it in science fiction movies: a screen appears out of thin air and allows you to push, grab and manipulate it, all with the sense that you’re actually touching something. We’ve brought this dream into reality by designing the first digitalinterface in the world you can touch! Complete with an abundance of textures that provide the sensation that what you’re manipulating is actually there in front of you.
If you utilize our company’s technology, you’ll be helping to stir a revolution in the interaction between a person and information space, as reflected by virtual reality, which will surely help to bring about a new futuristic lifestyle to mankind.