Entertainment / VR / Wearable

  • The potential to bring out
    never seen before
    from games. Provide a huge
    sense of satisfaction and spark passion through an interactive
    feeling, utilizing both senses of sight and touch resembling that of real life.

  • An extraordinary level of
    compatibility between wearable devices and virtual reality.
    The ability to grab and
    manipulate virtual objects as if
    they were really there and had
    substance that hasn’t been
    made possible until now.

  • Up to present, computer and
    touch screen piano applications have provided modest
    feedback and response, but the future holds the potential for
    a virtual piano application that will enable you to actually feel
    the keys while you simply play with the keys or even deliver a musical performance.

Design Work

We’re entering an era marking the explosive spread of 3D print technology. But the output and creation of complicated 3D data is necessary to have any success with 3D printing. To do this, one must master the use of intricate 3D CAD programs. But our 3D gesture feedback technology can be used to replace these complicated programs, even the mouse or tablet that you use every day, to make it seem like you’re molding clay with your bare hands to quickly, easily and intuitively make 3D moldings to be printed into the real world.

Robotics / Automotive / Medical

The delicate operation of remote-controlled robots requires a high level of
engineering and someone with refined skills. But if you apply our 3D feedback
gesture technology to robot control you’ll feel like you are remotely touching and
sensing the same things the robot is interacting with. In addition, it will be possible to successfully perform high levels of operation and manipulation. Also, the possibility
will be opened to perform surgical procedures with confident maneuverability and
high credibility.
Even in the automotive industry, our 3D gesture feedback technology can be used to effectively provide drivers with a great variety of information. Our technology could add to the driving experience to help drivers make more precise movements, as if the automobile was an extension of their own limbs, bringing about a new level of comfort and fun.