NEWS 2022.03.22

Miraisens introduces the newest tool and middleware solution AMPTIX™ at the Game Developer Conference 2022.

Miraisens, the leading Haptics solution company, today announced it would exhibit and demonstrate the latest real-time haptics design solution, a middleware solution of AMPTIX™ U Edition, and a standalone tool solution of AMPTIX™ S Edition at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2022. AMPTIX™ delivers better haptics with a simpler workflow and in far less iteration time.

AMPTIX™ U Edition is a middleware solution that uses the Miraisens patented 3DHaptics™ technology and real-time haptics renderer. This middleware allows game developers to control the movement of force feedback, design more realistic tactile feedback with an AI-based tactile algorithm, and playback the haptics data in real-time.

AMPTIX™ S Edition is a standalone tool solution that allows game developers to create haptics data, design the back-and-forth movement of haptic feedback by simply drawing lines on the GUI, and create an array of tactile feedback by controlling just three parameters.

In this week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2022 in San Francisco, publishers and developers looking to simplify their haptics design pipeline can visit the Miraisens’s booth (S1253) or the virtual booth to learn more details about AMPTIX™.

AMPTIX™ U Edition is already available for interested game developers and offers C++ API and plugins for prominent game engines. AMPTIX™ S Edition is expected to be released this summer. To learn more about AMPTIX™, contact the team at or visit at

About Miraisens
Miraisens, founded in 2014, developed a 3DHaptics™ technology based on illusionary haptics, the world’s first haptic technology established on a neuroscientific basis by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Miraisens joined Murata Manufacturing in December 2019. For more information, please visit

About Murata Manufacturing
Murata Manufacturing is a global comprehensive electronic parts maker active in the development, production, and sale of electronic parts based on ceramics. By creating original products based on a technological foundation of originally developed and accumulated material development, process development, product design, production technology, and software and analysis and evaluation supporting the above, Murata continues to contribute to the development of electronic society.

Masatoshi Miyakawa, Business Development Director, Miraisens

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