3DHaptics Development Kit

We provide the middleware, the touch-sensation and texture database,
and the touch-force authoring tool

3DHaptics is a game changer in the realm of technology,
and its programming required extremely advanced know-how.
By combining those three solutions, anyone can develop
intuitively attractive digital contents perfected with
Haptics Feedbacks with a drastically lower man-hour cost.

We Provide Our Touch-force Sensation Device
implementation module technology to partners

3DHaptics is able to express delicate touches and textures,
and it required extremely meticulous designing, followed by
countless trials and errors. With the application of our patented
Floating Mechanism, you can design your digital contents to
bring out the maximum effect just by implementing modules.

3DHapticsAPI for Web is Available

We support the development of web contents powered by 3DHaptics
through API access with JavaScript.

Sensory Business Platform

We build a new platform environment where creators in every field can use 3DHaptics to create their own touch sensations and textures, produce various digital contents, and commercialize them, easily, smoothly and successfully.

Virtual Sensation Business Platform Development