It is our duty here at Miraisens, Inc. to protect and safeguard our customers’ personal information.
As detailed below, any customer information located on our site shall be handled in compliance with the law.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is comprised of relevant information such as full name, birth date, various types of descriptors, in order to differentiate from specific, living, individuals (including other information making it easy to collate and discern from specific individuals).

Our Aim in Using Personal Information

Any personal information gathered from customers on this site will be used with the following objectives in mind.
1. For provision of our services.
2. To settle payments on service charges for our services.
3. To provide support in regards to our services.
4. To draw up statistical data in relation to the usage of our services.
5. To send out prizes to customers selected as winners to any of our campaigns or lotteries.
6. To send out email, monthly newsletters, and other types of announcements to customers.

Measures Taken for Safety Management

In order to prevent the disclosure, destruction or defamation of our customers’ personal information our site enforces and implements necessary and appropriate measures for the safe management of our customers’ data. We are also working continuously to update and improve our safety measures.


In cases where the handling of private information in part or whole has been consigned to a subcontractor, we have devised necessary and appropriate supervisions to ensure the safe treatment of that private information.

Diverging to 3rd Parties

Save for the cases described below, our site will not provide 3rd parties with personal information.
1. When we have the customer’s consent.
2. When required by law.
3. When it’s necessary for the protection and safeguard of life, health and/or assets and we have difficulty obtaining approval from the person in question.
4. When it’s necessary for the improvement of public health and or the furtherance in rearing healthy children and we have difficulty obtaining approval from the person in question.
5. When it’s necessary, as prescribed by law, to cooperate with national agencies or local public bodies, in addition to entrusted people, in the determination of business activities.
Also in the case of causing the potential impediment of relevant business activities through obtaining consent of the person in question.

The Disclosure of Personal Information

In the case of a request by the proper authorities to disclose personal or legal information about a customer we will comply without delay.
However, as in the cases listed below, there are situations where we will not disclose information in whole or part.
1. When the potential exists for the customer’s or a 3rd party’s life, health, assets or other rights and public interests to be obstructed, damaged or harmed.
2. When the potential exists for considerable hindrance to the suitable implementation and normal operation of our website.
3. When the potential exists for the infringement of other laws.

Revisions to Personal Information, Processes for Suspension of Service

In the case of a request by the customer to revise, append, delete parts, suspend service or even complete erasure of personal information we will correspond within a reasonable period once the user’s identity has been confirmed.

Modifications to Our Policy

We reserve the right to modify our policies without the preparation of preliminary announcements.

Formulated April 1st, 2014